I’m from out of town and was in DC on a business trip. Unfortunately, I had excruciating tooth pain and felt like my head was about to explode and needed to find a dentist for a root canal. The team at Precision we’re absolutely wonderful and accommodating. They told me to come in and wait and they’d squeeze me in when they could. I didn’t have to wait long at all. Dr. Rodriguez was amazing and thorough, explaining all she was doing along the way. I told her I’d never been so excited to have needles stuck in my face so the pain would stop. It wound up that I not only had a dead root, but an infection as well. She set me up with antibiotics and I’m on my way to healing while still finishing out my business trip. Highly recommend them!

Tanja K.

These guys are AMAZING!! Top notch customer service and they actually care about you! Had a root canal and Dr Murtaza was great and very patient! (I was very anxious) He also let me listen to my audio books since I told them the drilling makes me nervous.  Erin and Julieta are angels!! Erin called me the day after to see how I was feeling and if my tooth felt okay. Who else does that?? They are great!  Everyone has an awesome sense of humor and so much heart!

Monica D.

I was super impressed with the entire team.  As with the others here I had a root canal done (as again with many it was a complicated root canal and was complicated even more by other medical issues).  Everything I had heard before was how terrible root canals were.  This turned into a piece of cake.  Dr Mahajan was wonderful.  He explained everything, was extremely professional, constantly ensured that any pain issue was resolved.  Both the tech (unfortunately I didn’t get her name) and Erin at the front desk were very professional and helpful. They participate in many dental plans.

I can be very critical when service does not fit my expectations but I was super impressed. This is one of the few services that I can recommend with absolutely no reservations.

I have to laugh (sort of) at the person who would rather get a tooth pulled rather than get a root canal because the tooth was not used for chewing.  Never get a tooth pulled unless there is no way to save it and of course they are going to bill you for a consultation.

Mike D.

I’ve had two root canals by Dr. Murtaza and I can safely say it was a great experience. Dr. Murtaza and his assistants take great care to make the experience as quick and painless as possible and went out of their way to make sure I knew what was happening from start to finish. They were up front about how much the procedure would cost, and as someone who paid out of pocket, it was comforting to know how much the whole thing would cost beforehand (and it wasn’t all that much considering how much work I had done). I absolutely recommend Dr. Murtaza and Precision Endodontics.

Rebecca A.

Today I met with Dr. RODRIGUEZ-RAD for a consultation regarding a root canal that was giving me some concern.  I was greeted so politely by Erin, the receptionist,  and she very quickly and efficiently got me checked in, she already had my insurance information and handed me a tablet to quickly review the office policies.  Once she learned I had dental fear she took great attention to explain each step of the process and assure my comfort.  When Dr. RODRIGUEZ-RAD came in she was similarly very welcoming,  unassuming and explained what she saw on the x-rays, what she thought was the problem,  the suggested treatment plan, the time it would take and the likelihood that it would fully resolve the concern to preserve my tooth or whether ultimately an implant might be needed (even though she doesn’t do implants).

I truly appreciated her candor and willingness to give me all the information so I could make an informed decision re: next steps.  When I informed her I was opting for the implant to avoid the excess cost and payment in the event the 2nd root canal option didn’t resolve the problem,  she remained so engaged and friendly. She ensured I had a copy of my 3D scan for the next doctor, generally explained the implant process, wrote me a scrip for an antibiotic, in case I need it before the implant,  and was generally so very kind and supportive!

I would definitely go to her if I need a root canal in the future and highly recommend her for others who need a root canal or just a clear consult.

Bliss O.

I went in hating dentist, shaken from my last butcher. I had an appointment with this group and was amazed. High tech everything! The calming voice and power like none other. I felt nothing (as it should be) and was reassured the entire process (which I needed). 

Lolita P.